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Master Ghazaf Martial Arts & Fitness

Do you lack the motivation to exercise alone?
Do you feel lost in the gym?
Or maybe you don’t know how to create your own calories diet plan?


No worries, We offer multiple fun and effective personal training programs

To help you achieve your fitness goals whether it’s weight loss, strength and

Weight increase, or simply a fun exercise routine to stay fit.

Over the years,

We have been helping clients achieve their fitness goals through unique and

Customized exercise routines and calorie diet plans that fit their specific needs.


Our mission is changing lives for the better. We identify our customer’s expectations, define strategies to exceed those expectations and measure our performance with tangible, demonstrable results. Our emphasis is on innovation and quality. We promise to improve the physical health and wellness of our members and deliver unsurpassed levels of satisfaction and positive results for our clients.


Owner & Manager


Yoga instructor /Trainer


Boxing Instructor / Trainer


Nutritionist / Triainer


We started with in home personal training in Chicago. Our clients spoke and we listened. Not only do we offer different types of in home training and nutrition plans, but we went a step further to now offer customized meal delivery in the downtown Chicago area. We are now also a partner in many apartment buildings in Chicago. If we aren’t in your building yet, let us know that you are interested. Simply put, we are your go-to friend that knows anything and everything about fitness and nutrition. Be sure to check out all of our various services.



What are you waiting for? Get started with in home personal training and reach the goals you’ve always wanted!