Personal Training

What sets our fitness training apart is our level of expertise. We draw from years of experience in every fitness sector, so whether you want to lose weight, improve your general health baselines, or strive to reach the pinnacle of your sport, we have the program for you.
This is a training company founded by doctors who carry extensive backgrounds in fitness, athletics, rehabilitation, sports medicine, and nutrition, so you can trust that your health and fitness needs are in great hands.
Work directly with one of our trainers to achieve your fitness goals and create the best version of your self both mentally and physically. Train at our gym, at home, or at an on-site at location.

In-Home Personal Training

Train in the comfort of your own home with our In-Home Personal Training Service and eliminate the inconvenience of overcrowded gyms, membership fees, and commuting. Whether you have minimal equipment or a full home gym setup, our trainers will give you creative top notch workout programming, proper technique queuing, and keep you on track and accountable.

Gym Training

For those who prefer training in the gym environment, we offer personal training services at Physical Fusion Training Center in Lombard, IL. The facility includes cardio equipment, free weights, cable machines, squat racks, weight sleds, a massive turf field, and much more!

Remote Personal Training

As an alternative to In-Home Personal Training we also offer the ability to receive training at public locations. Parks and outside locations can be a fun and creative way to add new vibe to your exercise routine!

Group Training

Working out with others can be very beneficial in terms of accountability, motivation, and fun! Whether you thrive on competition, or encouragement from others, a group workout provides an amazing atmosphere to push yourself.
Train with your group with access to all of the awesome equipment we have at the gym, or have us come to your home/location to lead a group of 2-12 people through workouts designed specifically for your group's goals, abilities, and limitations.
We offer workouts like group performance training, HIIT, active recovery, mobility/stretching, boot camps, and much more. We can even design a workout class unique to your group!

Standard Group Training

Get fit with your friends or family with our Standard Group Training Service. The benefits of working out with others include accountability, encouragement, and fun social interaction - all of which increase adherence to you fitness program and ultimately, successfully completing your goals!

Team Performance Training

With numerous current and former qualified strength and conditioning coaches on our staff, we offer custom designed Team Performance Training sessions. Not all athletic teams (especially youth) have access to high level strength and conditioning programming to help their athletes develop properly and avoid injury, so one of our missions is to offer affordable team performance training to help you a leg up on the competition.


Experienced Trainers

Trainers that have college degrees, nationally accredited certifications, as well as experience. You are in good hands!

Nutrition Plans

Everyone is different, that’s why we create a custom nutrition plan based on your body type and fitness goals.

In Home Training

We make location an obsolete excuse for not working out. Our trainers will come to you, wherever you are.



What are you waiting for? Get started with in home personal training and reach the goals you’ve always wanted!