Self-Defense from Potential Attacks


Have you ever felt threatened, or maybe had the fear that you were going to be attacked?

It’s common in today’s violent world and a fear we want you to overcome. There is no better feeling than possessing a skill that can save you, or a loved one.
Although you will never directly spar with another participant, we will be teaching you techniques that you can use to fight off any attacker.
Whether that be a stranger on the street, the local thugs, or a trespasser in your home, you will be equipped with the skills to effectively keep you and your loved ones out of harm’s way.

Be a part of our Martial Arts Fitness Classes to enjoy:

    • Kickboxing :This program is designed for Teens and Adults to have a fun workout while also learning diverse sets of strikes, kicks, and self-defense maneuvers .
    • MMA, (Mixed Martial Arts)  : hybrid combat sport incorporating techniques from different Forms (boxing, kickboxing, grappling)
    • Krav Maga :Built on simple principles, instinctive movements, and practical techniques, Krav Maga was made the official self-defense system of the Israel Defense Forces .
    • Teens/Women, Personal Protection Training  :Women need to make self-protection a greater priority. According to statistics every two minutes a woman in America is raped, and one out of four women will be the victim of a violent crime .

Combine Self-Defense and Fitness For The Best Training

Are you looking for a better way to train and challenge your body?

Well, look no further.

Here at Next Level Martial Arts and Fitness, we’ve taken the best aspects of Martial Arts training and Group Fitness classes to create a program that is truly one of a kind! We’re sure that once you experience our High-Intensity Martial Arts and Fitness (HIMAF) based curriculum, you won’t want to work out any other way again.

We’re helping everyday people from all across Chicago achieve their fitness goals, all without a big-box gym approach.


What Can You Expect From Our Adult Self-Defense  Classes?

We want to make sure that you’re not just going through the motions when you come into our class. We use the HIMAF system to challenge our students by combining traditional martial arts training with proven methods for developing lifelong fitness. We use the methods of Taekwondo as a basis, then we add in boxing-style striking, power hurdles, plyometrics, Krav Maga, and more intense techniques that will keep you coming back every time. We ensure that you’ll be excited to come to class, and have a sense of growth every day you leave.

Come see us here in Chicago today for:

    • Lean muscle toning across your entire body
    • Functional self-defense skills
    • Sustainable weight loss & fat burning
    • Functional strength & a sense of accomplishment

Don’t Miss Out On Our Adult Self-Defense  Classes !

You don’t have to settle for less when the best is right here! Enjoy all of the fun and spirit that comes with traditional martial arts while also experiencing the physical benefits of high-intensity fitness. People all across Chicago are already enjoying the benefits that we at Next Level Martial Arts and Fitness can offer.

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