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Do You Want Your Kids to Have the Skills They Need to Face Life’s Challenges?

Kids learn best in a structured environment with their peers.

Kids often don’t learn basic life skills in school

Age-appropriate instruction can be difficult to find.

Kids who don’t know how to handle stress & disappointment may struggle in life.


MGMA FITNESS Programs Meet

Kids Where They Are

With age-appropriate lessons in a fun, social setting,

kids learn how to rise to life’s challenges and meet

struggles without losing their sense of self.

Today’s kids face big challenges and it’s your job to give them the training
and tools they need to meet them. People aren’t born with natural
discipline,self-control or perseverance. They need to be taught what to do
when the going gets tough.
MGMA FITNESS Child Development programs are designed to meet kids
where they are and guide them to where they need to be. Once they are
enrolled, students will enjoy the company of other kids while building,
step by step, the skills they need for a happy and successful life.

your child will grow every day!

Whether your child is in per-school or prepping for college, the MGMA FITNESS curriculum

will meet them where they are and help them gain the skills and discipline they need to succeed in their lives.



Instruction Designed to

Meet Your Child Where

They Are

Kids of different ages require different types of instruction to succeed.
With our trained instructors, they’ll learn at a level that’s appropriate for
where they are developmentally. We’ll always make sure they’re ready
before they move to the next level of instruction.
By adapting our lessons to kids’ emotional and physical development,
we ensure that they’ll have fun learning – and that the lessons they learn
will stick with them throughout their lives and into adulthood.
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Improved Behavior at

Home and at School

One of the hardest things to teach kids is self-discipline. Younger kids
can struggle to control themselves and even older students sometimes
get carried away. A lack of discipline can lead to behavioral issues at
home and at school.
With MGMA Fitness classes, kids learn the benefits of self-discipline
and the tools they need to achieve it. Over time, parents and
teachers notice remarkable improvements in kids’ behavior as they
learn to master their impulses and control their emotions.

Kids Socialize and Make

Friends in a Safe Setting

With today’s kids spending so much time online, it can be difficult for
them to make friends in real life – and yet, they need friends to give
them support and love in times of difficulty.The easiest way to make
new friends is by sharing an experience.
In our MGMA FITNESS classes, kids spend time with their peers in a
safe, fun, and social setting. They’ll have time to get to know one
another and respect one another as they learn necessarily skills.
The friendships they form in our classes may last a lifetime.

Kids Thrive with Short

Lessons and Regular Progress

Kids can struggle with disappointment, especially if they don’t learn
how to set achievable goals and work toward big goals over time.
These are skills they can learn and apply to every aspect of life,
from school to work to family.
MGMA FITNESS lessons are broken into short, easily digestible
sections that allow kids to master skills quickly and be rewarded
for their progress. Over time, they’ll learn what it takes to break
down big goals into smaller ones and how tohandle setbacks along the way.


General Martial Arts Questions

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Will my child learn to be aggressive?

Absolutely not! The martial arts is self-defense, not self-offense. They learn to respect the skills they develop while training at our school. We teach our students to act with confidence, maintain good self-control, and self-discipline in order to maintain the courtesy and integrity of our art.

How much does it cost?

Our primary focus is to teach life skills. We have a structure of respect, courtesy, and honesty built into Taekwondo. We’ve created an environment that children and adults learn to listen, learn, and achieve. The classes combine the fun and excitement of martial arts training with weekly mental and thought provoking lessons designed to strengthen our students both mentally and physically. We have several different programs to offer.MGMA Fitness offers a great starter program. This program includes a private intro meeting, 2 regular classes, and FREE uniform! If you or your child has ever thought about getting started in the lasting benefits of martial arts NOW IS THE TIME. Try our $19.95 trial special by signing up online or contact Us.

Are classes safe?

Taekwondo is a highly supervised activity. In fact, the average student /teacher ratio is only 10 to 1. The children are never asked to perform any movements that would put them into danger of injury. Our children’s curriculum has been specifically designed to accommodate ages 5 and up. This curriculum has been modified so children of these ages can successfully learn and perform all of the moves necessary to excel.

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Who can benefit from the Martial Arts?

Men, Women, Children, Seniors, and even the disabled can benefit and enjoy this fun, healthy, and rewarding activity!

What can the martial arts do for my family?

The martial arts helps with Endurance, Weight loss, Flexibility, Coordination, Self -Discipline, gaining a Positive Attitude, Stress Reduction, Improved Concentration and Improved Grades.

What’s the difference between Karate and Tae Kwon Do?

Literally translated “empty handed”, Karate is a Japanese martial art involving an equal blend of 50% hand and feet strikes. Tae Kwon Do is a Korean martial art involving a stronger ratio of kicks. Both arts are truly beautiful. Karate and Tae Kwon Do both stress self- control and self -defense training for all ages.


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