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Virtual Training

Virtual training is a new and increasingly popular way that clients engage with our personal trainers and coaches. This can be used for beginners and for more advanced clients who want to add structure into their workout regimen without necessarily meeting with a trainer 3x per week. Our personal trainers will meet with you to go over your specific fitness goals, assess your strengths and weaknesses, and create and progress your workout program as you evolve in your fitness journey. All communication is done online through our Trainerize software. Please see below for more information!

Easily keep track of your progress

Access on your desktop, tablet, or smartphone

Training plan on the go

You take their phones everywhere. Now you can take your trainer with you! Our Trainerize mobile app allows clients to follow their training plan and log their workouts anywhere. Notifications will help remind you what workouts you need to complete, so you are always on track and stay committed to training.


Contact us

Purchase a virtual training package online or contact us by phone or by email to get you paired up with one of our personal trainers.


Meet with your trainer in person or via online video conferencing software for a 30 minute initial consultation to go over goals, expectations, and create a plan for you.


Download our virtual training software and receive your training program from your personal trainer to help begin your fitness journey!

All in One Fitness Solution

More affordable, effective, accountable, and fastest growing service in
the fitness industry!

Receive workouts from your trainer

You will receive training plans and homework workouts sent straight to you! These plans are tailored based off of your goals, strengths/weaknesses, and catered to your timeline. Trainers will keep track of your calendar and measure your progress over time. You will be able to check-in, track your workouts and message your trainer at any time.

Track your progress

Use our software to log your weight, measurements, and body fat %. Based off of your progress, the trainer can modify the workouts appropriately. If the workout is too difficult or too easy, the trainer can easily make the necessary modifications.

Accountability features

All clients are required to log their workouts. This helps the trainer see how many sets, reps, and what weights you are working with. Depending on your goals, these exercises will get modified quite frequently to keep your body in a state of “muscle confusion”. This will prevent your body from adapting to certain exercises and will maximize your results.

Live video interaction with your trainer

Prior to starting, you will get a chance to meet with your trainer to go over your specific goals. You will also create a plan and timeline for these goals during the first session. The trainer will then create your virtual training program to help you achieve your fitness goals!

Online Personal Trainer

We know life is busy and difficult especially when it comes to fitness. This is why We are going to help you achieve your HEALTH and FITNESS goals in the comfort of your OWN home!

• First Session includes a Complimentary Fitness Assessment!

• No Equipment is Required! (If you have some – awesome! We can use that)

• All you need is a 6 per 6 foot area (it can be your living room, kitchen area etc.)


Whether your goal is to Lose Fat, Build Muscle and Improve your Health – We are here to help YOU!


Body mass index (BMI) is a person’s weight in kilograms divided by the square of height in meters. BMI is an inexpensive and easy screening method for weight category—underweight, healthy weight, overweight, and obesity.
BMI Weight Status
Below 18.5 Underweight
18.5 - 24.9 Normal
25 - 29.9 Overweight
30 and Above Obese



What are you waiting for? Get started with in home personal training and reach the goals you’ve always wanted!